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What does a Publicist do?


Hmmm…many people ask but, so few understand.

A Publicist, “Public Relations Specialist “ is the guiding human force behind the successful exposure of corporations, entertainers, sports figures, brands and practically anyone who has achieved any level of notable achievements..(at least, that you have heard about…)!

The reason people grace the pages of national magazines such as  GQ, Vogue, Essence, JET Magazine, People….. Why they appear on such shows as Oprah, Good Morning America, Access Hollywood, the National Blogs, YBF, TooFab, Global Grind, Page 6 of the NY Times, etc…Why they stroll down red carpets for such stellar events as the Oscars, Grammy Awards  and the Emmys is because a PUBLICIST is lurking somewhere in the background. They are paid (handsomely) to make their clients stars or at least FAMOUS!

A good publicist should have a vast database of media contacts; the ability to call top tier television producers and get their clients booked.

Publicity is not just handing out business cards and setting up a Facebook page!

Publicists understand lead times, media submissions, credentials, red carpet protocol, servicing B-roll, satellite feeds and a variety of different ways to MAXIMIZE EXPOSURE FOR YOUR CLIENT.


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At the end of every event a GOOD PUBLICIST will always make sure you are walking away with an Excellent Mark on your BRAND! You are your Brand!!! It should reflect in all Video and Photography captured where ever you may be.


A Good Publicist will Always Make Sure Your Acting Reel is Up To Date! You Must Always be delivering the Best Possible Product!

Check out Actress Mari Morrow!


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