Porsha Stewart Hosts “Bindi Brothers” Grand Re-Opening and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
PorshaNickAsh-posingNick Bhindi, Porsha Stewart and Ashwin Bhindi


Momma Dee and Bob Whitfield

The Bhindi Family and Porsha cutting the Red Ribbon.

Travis Porter and Nick Bhindi “on the Red Carpet”

Demetria McKinney and Ashwin Bhindi picking out the Jewels

Demetria discusses buying a Kisker Karma with Greg the GM

Jay Bhindi (owner) and James Cofer Jr- Celeste Alexander listens patiently trying to pick up some tips and food for thought!

Demetria McKinney, Porsha Stewart and Ashwin Bhindi

Drexina Nelson (Celeb photographer), Minista Jazz, and Porsha Stewart

Bob just discovered the Fisker Karma is a Hybrid

Nick Bhindi- Fisker Karma (Dealer)


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