Has Reality TV Gone Too Far ?

Braxton Family Values – Love and Hip Hop – Real Housewives of Atlanta – How Far Is Too Far?

What do you think of the Reality Television shows and how they are taking over the ratings? Is Reality TV clouding out the seriousness of our Thespian actors that have worked for years to perfect their craft and setting a new standard? BET Network is changing their programming and cleaning up their act bleeping out cuss words and editing movies to make them fit for TV only for Networks like VH1 and Bravo to portray the “everything goes” mentality. Are networks and advertisers so obsessed with ratings that new shows on BET like the new scripted family show “Reed Between the Lines” is receiving low ratings because no cat fights are breaking out?  Is No Morals the new Morale? What do you think?

Is Jim Jones mom the new Frankie (Keisha Cole’s mom) ?



Was Crissy Wrong for Beating Down Kimbella? Was it even her business?

Braxton Family Values… Should the girls be upset w/Tamar for moving forward with her solo career? Should Towanda even contemplate working for Toni again? Was Wendy wrong for bringing up Trina’s drinking “Situation”.



Does America think Reality TV is imposing on people’s personal lives by revealing everything to the fans?

Do you think Kandi was wrong for stating “Nene’s rich ” to the other girls?  Should Peter have brought up the issues in the Uptown article at the table at Kim’s Baby Shower? Was Sheree wrong for referring to Cynthia as spineless?







Does Nene still have the hots for Greg?


Basketball Wives LA- Is the Mother Hen Jackie Christie the Messy One or a Victim?





Was it really the Draya-Jackie Show?



Who’s your favorite Guilty Pleasure Reality Star? Why? Which show do you think your life most resembles?


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